Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering branch is the mother of all branches in Engineering. Earlier, there were only two branches Civil Engineering and Military Engineering. Civil Engineering was a pool of all other streams like Mechanical and Electrical and now it has grown into a full-fledged branch catering to the multiple needs of the industry and customer. Many pass out students have taken building construction as their career and have acquired reputation.

In the last decade number of students seeking admission to Civil Engineering Diploma was rather too low. This has resulted in acute shortage of Civil Engineers. The future of students joining Civil Engineering stream is very bright. Pass out diploma candidates are eligible to work as registered government contractors for the Govt. of Maharashtra. The department is having well experienced staff and well equipped lab facilities. Site visits, seminars, guest lectures are arranged for students development.

Civil Engineering involves utilization of scientific knowledge in construction activity buildings, bridges, tunnels, roads, dams & canals and other infrastructure to sustain the economic growth of the country.
The Department of Civil Engineering aims to provide outstanding Engineering education directed at enriching the quality of life in an emerging knowledge-based society. The department aims to provide undergraduate students with a strong, broad-based Engineering education which gives them the basic intellectual and organization skill that allow them to work with complex systems with technological, social and environmental components.
The Department has Student Association CESA (Civil Engineering Students Association) for Department students activities.

Career Opportunities after Diploma in Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineers are now in great demand because of tremendous ongoing infrastructural projects in India to keep phase with economic development of the country Civil engineers are in great demand in foreign countries and lots of scope for higher studies. Civil Engineering Diploma find employment opportunities in Govt. Department like P.W.D., Irrigation, Water Supply, Railways and Airport Authority etc. and in public sector and private construction companies

Technical Visits organized for Students.


Name of Industry / Project Visited

1 Rain Water Harvesting (Adarsh Gram Hiware Bazar)
2 Material Testing (Constrologix Lab Pune)
3 Bhandardara Dam, Nilwande Dam (Akole)
4 Lavasa City (Pune)
5 Public Building Construction, Hotel Holiday in Inn (Shirdi)
6 Bhadramaruti Sabhamandap (Aurangabad)
7 Belapur Railway Station (Shrirampur)

Expert Lectures / Seminars organized


Name of the Event

Person invited / involved

1 Ready mix Concrete Mr. Avinash Kale
2 Safety in Construction Mr. Virendra Muley
3 Personality Development Mr. Amol Acharekar
4 Management Mr. Jagdhane V.B.

Key Features of Department

  • State of art infrastructure with well equipped Modern laboratories.
  • Experienced and dedicated faculty
  • Excellent Results.
  • Excellent Training and Placement of students
  • Strong extra & co-curricular activities for students.
  • Participation of students in various competitions.
  • Expert lectures by Industry personnel
  • Personality development courses are arranged.
  • Industry visit for practical exposure
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Concrete Technology Lab
  • Surveying Lab
  • CAD Lab
  • Geo-Technical Engineering Lab
  • Building Construction Model Lab
  • Hydraulics Lab
  • Engineering Mechanics Lab
  • Strength of materials Lab
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